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Copper Shield Interior/Exterior Clear Gloss - Wholesale Gutter Systems

Copper Shield Interior/Exterior Clear Gloss

  • $ 2000

COPPER SHIELD® 12oz. Spray Can

Prevents Patina from forming on copper. Interior / exterior clear gloss.

Formulated to protect and preserve copper, brass, and bronze. 1 can will cover 10 Sq. Ft. Copper Shield® protects against patina for up to 5 years. It must be reapplied to keep copper looking new throughout the years.

"Copper Shield" spray coating is specially formulated for use on copper, and will actually enhances the natural beauty of new copper. It does not contain substances that can react chemically with copper. Copper Shield® is crystal clear, and formulated from a blend of acrylic resins and UV inhibitors specifically designed to prevent darkening due to sunlight exposure, and an agent to prevent corrosion from occurring underneath the paint. Normal clear enamel or lacquer paints will not prevent the aging of copper.

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