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Rain Chains

Our hand crafted rain chains add expression and character to your roof drainage system. They replace the everyday downspout with a beautiful and functional watercourse for rain. Rain chains or "Kuari Doi" are inspired by Japanese design which has been around for centuries.

These chains act like kinetic works of art creating a tranquil and pleasing sound as rain water gracefully cascades through them.

 Our rain chains are crafted of three different finishes that you can choose from. Copper, and Stainless Steel with Copper finish will develop a rich green patina over time that looks beautiful even when its not raining. Additionally, Stainless Steel without copper coating is also available and is stronger than copper but will not patina as they age.

Rain chains create a fountain effect which can enhance any home or garden. Each chain provided with strong "V" hook clips which provide easy installation to any gutter system. Each of our rain chain design offers exceptional craftsmanship with attention to detail to provide a unique presentation to your roof drainage solutions.

Our rain chains come in 10-foot lengths as standard compared to our competitors 8-1/2 foot standard.



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