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Copper Half Round Gutters | Aluminum or Copper | Pro Tip

Posted by Vincent Baer on

Copper Half Round Gutters have had a lot of bad publicity over the years. Many homeowners and business owners who have had copper gutters in the past may have experienced the thievery that we have all heard on the news.

Now copper gutters are not necessary for just any neighborhood, and if you currently live in a neighborhood where you have to watch your garden gnomes from the common thief, then maybe copper gutters are not in your best interest. But, maybe you live in a protected neighborhood and you want to stand out amongst your neighbors, and impress your friends or family when they come over for biscuits and tea? Well copper gutters provide the excellent curb appeal that you are looking for then!

The average copper half round gutter if maintained properly, can last 70-100 years, which destroys the aluminum half round gutter with a service life of only 20-30 years. People often say copper gutters are too expensive! Well yes they certainly can be depending on the lineal footage's of gutter and/or downspout. Also affecting the cost, is whether or not you hire someone to install it, or you do it yourself. If you base the concept of money as: value= performance > price, then you will see that copper outlives its aluminum partner by nearly 3 times as long if not more. You would have to replace your aluminum gutters 3 times before you would need to replace your copper gutters. So in most instances the better deal isn't always what it seems. 

An important tip when buying new gutters "shop around" for different prices! The cost of raw materials is sky rocketing before our very eyes, and if you are in the market for new gutters be sure to do your research. 

Hope this tip helps!

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