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Before buying copper this...

Posted by Kevin Fleahman on

Many homeowners are unaware when purchasing new copper gutters, that there is a more cost effective and better quality copper gutter system out there. 

At Wholesale Gutter Systems you have the ability to save quite a bit of money on your new copper gutter system. Typically when a homeowner goes to replace their outdated gutter system, they look to local gutter contractor or roofing contractors in their area. Many of these contractors provide free estimates for replacements, but what they do not tell you is that you are paying double to triple the amount for the materials. Obviously these contractors are in business to make money, and rightfully so, they should add on some additional costs for purchasing the gutter materials. But, do you think it is acceptable to have to pay 2-3 times for the materials?

Well, if you are like us, then we have a solution for you. Buying copper gutters is expensive, but, they look extremely elegant once they are installed. In the olden days, installing copper gutters required special tools and equipment to solder joints, and end caps together. Thankfully we live in today's modern world, where that is no longer necessary. 

Our copper half round gutter system is so easy to install, just about anyone can do it. What sets our copper gutters aside from other copper systems out there is our EPDM Rubber Gasketed Seals. These rubber gasketed seals allow the opportunity to join two sections of gutter together without the use of soldering or sealing. Even our end caps provide this same easy installation, by just taking a simple rubber mallet on the end where the end cap is to be installed, and just simply tap into place. 

Many people have a fear of climbing ladders, if this is you, don't worry! You can still purchase the copper gutter system, have it delivered to your house, and then have a local handyman install it at any hourly rate! Personally, I think that is a way better option than having to pay for my copper gutters 2-3 times! 

If you are a DIY type of person like myself, then this product is perfect for you. Not only are you saving money on the gutters, you don't have to pay anyone to actually install the gutter system. Sounds like a win win all around! 

We have gutter installation videos, and instruction manuals to help you through the process. Our reliable and friendly staff is also available to help guide you through your installation. 

Thank you for reading!

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