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Amazon...what it is really like to begin selling your products...

Posted by Vincent Baer on

Selling more products...on Amazon!

Yay! You opened your first Amazon Seller Account. Now what? I am sure none of us who began our Amazon Seller Account knew what was in store for us to get our products on there. My optimism and dedication to begin selling on Amazon was almost downright gross! All I could see is that $ at the end of the tunnel. But, what I had failed to realize is the time consuming process through trial and error to actually get my products listed. 

I always say though, "It must be operator error"!

Through a lot of hair pulling, I finally began to get my products listed! You may be asking yourself..."How difficult can it be?" Well, I guess that would determine how well you know Amazon's language on their platform. Personally, I didn't know squat about it, and frankly was a little arrogant that I could even do it no problem. I was definitely proven wrong! 

The first time I opened my Amazon Seller Account, I was dumbfounded by the amount of information I needed to know about the shipping world, and product information. I had just opened my online building supply store back in 2015 and I certainly didn't know what I was getting myself into. Still, with ambition surging through my soul, I thought I was going to become a millionaire within months...haha... So within a week, I cancelled my Amazon Seller Account due to being so busy through my main site and other professions. 

Now it is 2017, I felt the determination to begin selling on Amazon again, and guess what...I did it. I don't have all my products on their quite yet, but, it is progress none the least! 

My advice to any new business owners before you open your Amazon Seller Account, do RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH! Go in knowing everything about the amazing platform of Amazon, and you will begin selling in no time! 

I can now appreciate why they make it so difficult, but at the time I was worried I wasn't going to have any hair left! Good thing is, I still have all my hair, and progress is beautiful. 

I would love to hear about your Amazon experience!

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