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2016 Construction Trends

Posted by Vincent Baer on


Have you noticed the ever growing demand in skilled labor? Are you a small to mid-size construction company struggling to keep good help? Have you noticed job recruiting sites tend to charge you an astronomical amount with very little results? Well if you said yes to any of these, trust me, you're not alone. 
The demand for highly skilled labor seems to be at an all time high. Often times employers are having to "steal" talent from their competitors due to the shortage of skilled labor. 
But, what are thriving companies doing differently to keep these top candidates working for them? It is simple, changing the workplace atmosphere to meet the demands of these new workers. We can try to resist the change, or we can adapt to the change. It is a choice that many business owners are going to struggle with, especially if they have been in business for 30 years or more. Technology is changing the way the market interacts with it's employees. 
Using social media platforms is the new trend for business owners. Knowing how to properly advertise on these platforms is more important than ever. What attracts your ideal candidate? What hobbies are they interested in? What timeline are you looking at for a new-hire? Do you have a 3-6 month goal? How is your on-boarding process? 
 These are questions you really need to consider, and have confidence in knowing that you know these answers with 100% confidence. If you are not confident with any of these you can contact me and we can figure out the best game plan fit for your business. 
I appreciate you taking the time to review my blog. I hope you found this information valuable, and more importantly I hope it got you seriously considering your workplace atmosphere. 
Thanks again!
Vincent Baer (Vice President)
Wholesale Gutter Systems

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